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dreaming of paradise

Leah posted her visions of the future; I have visions of the future too, but mine don't extend much beyond the middle of next week. As we may have mentioned, we're in what is technically known as crunch time school-wise, and have a great deal of work to do. This means that things we'd much rather be doing, like, say, cleaning the basement or washing clothes, have fallen by the wayside. As we think of those things, the period beyond the end of the semester takes on a mystical quality, not unlike the Millennium so enthusiastically awaited by the radical sects of the period around the English Civil War. My speech is peppered with references to it. "After school is done, I'm going to start baking bread again." "After school's done, I'll have time to organize the office." "After school's done, maybe we can go away for a couple days!" It's only the dreaming that's keeping me sane.


When you guys are done with should come visit Seattle!!!

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