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occasional observations

1. We have to sleep in double beds here. When forced to choose who to sleep with, Rascal picked Leah for most of the night. I felt a tiny bit abandoned until I fell asleep, then I didn't mind it a bit!

(Aside: Leah's parents, with whom we're staying here, told her they were sorry about the double bed situation, but that we could puch them together if we wanted. "What?!" she thought. "Oh yeah, we're married." Unfortunately, the arrangement of the room prevented it.)

2. "Two for joy" does not apply to the same extent when the crows in question are having a spirited conversation immediately outside your window at quarter past five in the morning.

3. Rascal maintains a high level of alertness when sleeping in a strange place for the first time. Especially when the bed is next to a big picture window. And especially when there are birds making noise outside. And birds. And cars, look, ooh, a car!

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