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hey now

Any All-Star game is a little silly, but I suppose baseball's is the least silly of all. Certainly, it's the only one that anyone pays any attention to; only the most desperate football fans, for example, tune in for one last week of the pro game in February or whenever they get around to having that little jaunt in Hawaii. Despite the fat that baseball is such an individual game, though, it's hard to take tonight's contest entirely seriously, despite what Fox's marketing materials suggest. Sure, the players are mostly having fun out there, but the essence of sports—the sports we want to watch, at least—is competition, and due to other demands placed on players and managers during the All-Star week, competition is not always at the forefront of their minds.

But there are lots of Red Sox players in action, so I suppose I'll watch at least a few minutes. But I won't buy anything from any of Fox's advertisers!


An inside-the-park home run is exciting and shows effort, but the only reason I managed to stay up this late is because I was watching the Tour de France replay show, having missed the live broadcast this morning. Since I hadn't heard the outcome, it was MUCH more exciting than meaningless baseball!

I have to admit that I did not watch the All Star game, however I did hear about the inside-the-park home run and had to cheer loudly...yay for Ichiro! I just hope that he ends up signing up for 5 more years with the Mariners!

p.s. were's Leah? not that I don't love reading your posts, Dan, but I miss Leah's commentary thrown in from time to time!

Ichiro re-upped, and Leah posted twice in one day! All your wishes have come true!

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