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For those of us who follow a two-season calendar, the winter has now officially begun. We had a week or two of beautiful foliage, but Tuesday's brisk wind brought nearly all the leaves (as well as a few boughs and even whole trees) down. The changing season also means the storm windows have come down, and the farmers market is no more for this year. That last is too bad, because we didn't put up nearly enough preserves to last us through the winter! I mourned the departing season last week when I ate the last spoonful of delicious summery strawberry jam, and cursed my lack of forethought in making only one batch. Next year the cellar will be full. Full, I tell you!

After a cool beginning to October the month has been unseasonably warm, so the tomatoes at least have kept on going (and going). This morning, though, the outside temperature is just at freezing, so I imagine it is now all over for them. That we were a little overwhelmed by the bounty they provided is evidenced by the carpet of red under the plants, but even allowing for those 200 we missed we got plenty of tomato goodness all summer long, and Leah even roasted a few to enjoy once the plants were gone. Next year we'll do more.


yay for garden tomatoes! We have a whole bucket of them in our basement (now that it's so cold outside we let them get ripe inside). And on a completely different note...good job to your Red Sox...they're doing great so far!

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