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a Halloween reversal

Well, not a reversal for us necessarily, but a reversal from traditional expectations. To wit, even with the small amount of candy I purchased we had too much for the three groups of kids who were all who made it to our door. I didn't want any extra candy sitting around, nor did Leah, so I begged them to take as much as they want. You'll be astounded to hear that they resisted taking even a third item! Here I'd been hearing all these stories of kids grabbing for as many sweets as they could take, emptying bowls left outside of doors, and squabbling for the crumbs. Not these polite youngsters, however! Hey, the kids are alright.

Also I finally managed to carve a jack o' lantern, after several years of... not managing to. Here it is:

To prove it's made from a real pumpkin, here it is raw and unlit:

Oh yes: Happy Halloween everyone! I'm glad it's over. Only 54 more shopping days until Christmas!


with that classy pumpkin, the kids should have been swarming

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