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Gods and Ends

Oh it's so nice to post in a blog that isn't governed by the malfunctioning devil-work of Moveable Type!!!!!!!!

All that's to say that my work work has really ramped up recently (as it has for Dan, but he'd never let on). Also I've got this pesky MBA thing to finish up this semester... oh to not think of my life as separated into discrete intervals known as semesters!

And poor Dan really does have a festering wound on his lip, but he refuses numbing medication. I've heard tell that there is a balm in Gilliad, but that sure seems like a long way to go!

Rascal too is having problems, albeit with the other end. His anal sacs needed to get squeezed out again, and his tail is all bitten raw near the butt, but our medicine can't be persuaded to squeeze up out of the bottle. Stupid Gravity. If only Huckabee becomes president, he'll bring and end to this God-less gravity talk. I mean really, things are just drawn towards the earth because it's the center of God's love over which Americans have dominion. Obviously.

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