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for real?!

What's going on with American conservatives? I happened to come across an article in The American Spectator, which despite posting letters from readers decrying Barack Obama's femininity as typifying the "sissification" of America* also seems to contain a certain amount of content created by adults; but my attention was mostly taken by a prominently placed ad for "Conservative T-Shirts". I checked out the site, so taken was I by the ad's innocent glorification of war against Muslims, and was delighted to see the wide variety of pathetically ridiculous merchandise available to those looking to make asses of themselves in public (or at least when they venture into civilized company). Check out a few of the designs:

When I saw the above image I thought I had surely seen the best of the lot: what could be more charming than a rip-off of the already ripped-off "peeing Calvin", quite possibly the most juvenile unthinking sticker meme in wide circulation. And it's peeing on Hillary! Now that's political discourse! However, there was a better one:

The essence of conservatism is apparently refusing to save energy (and your own lightbulb-buying dollars and lightbulb-changing time) just because someone else says it would be a good idea. That's right, conservatives! Damned if you're going to do a single thing any of those Eastern Establishment Liberals might recommend! I chuckle, and wonder if liberals might consider suggesting that breathing helps reduce global warming.

*An example letter goes like so:

[That] the U.S. is becoming a nation of crybabies and sissies rings true — at least for Democrats and self-absorbed Americans. The sissy nation is epitomized by Barrack Hussein Obama. A "man" PBS reporter Bonnie Erbe accurately depicts as more female than male. In fact, if Hillary loses the nomination and feeble and frail Obama wins the Presidency, then like Bill Clinton was the first "black" President Obama will easily rank as America's first "female" President.

Cool, huh?

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