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Where did leah go?

Dan asked me to write in the blog because i haven't in like a million years. Mostly i've been busy with work, and way exhausted, and not enthusiastic with sharing this information with the multitudes. But some interesting things have happened.

1) Queen Latifa came into our store the other day. You will be pleased to know that she is an enlightened despot. She was very nice to all our staff, and funny too, and dropped over $700 for clothes for her and her Personal Trainer. To get in shape she does everything from hiking to yoga. She's been the famousest person yet to come into our store.

2) i went to yoga yesterday, and who was in my class but my good old friend David Duchovney! He is quite strong, but not too flexible through the chest. he's got a circular tatoo on his outside left ankle. Best part, though: he was wearing lululemon shorts that I SOLD HIM!!!

Dan says the readership wants these kind of details.

in other news, i will be going away this weekend for a conference for work. To learn how to communicate better. i am not looking forward to 12 times 3 hours of sitting. i am bringing my sneakers so i can run up and down the stairs during my breaks.

And dan is great, as always. a little sick today, but he will be better tomorrow for his first babysitting job in CA!

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