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We started our spring cleaning today. Which means that we went around the house and made a list of everything that had to be done, and then, satisfied, we called it a day. No, not really. Leah had to do all kinds of work (school and otherwise), so she knew from the beginning that she wouldn't be able to devote her time to battling the tide of filth that threatens to overcome us. Me, I didn't give up right away: I cleaned off the top of the stove something fierce! Unfortunately since then I cooked dinner, so tomorrow I'll have to do it again. That's not progress. Still, the list has been made! Now it's only a matter of time before everything is clean once and for all.


Well Dan, that's what us single city girls are all about. Party, party, party. Or we just have gotten very good at giving off the impression that's all we do. Thanks again for the birthday wishes and especially the birthday duet with Leah!

p.s. nice new blog look! very slick!


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