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more leonine than ovine

Can you believe I had to look up the adjective for "of or pertaining to sheep"?! Happily, I just typed "sheep adjective" into Google and the first result was the ever-helpful (though annoyingly bureaucratic) Wikipedia, and there was the answer. Hey, why don't we help em reinforce that top search engine placement? sheep adjective! There you go.

Anyways, as you no doubt already realized, the title of this post refers to our local weather, which is approximately exactly the same now as it was at the beginning of this supposedly transitional month of March. Which is to say, cold and wet. And windy. All classic "lion"-like features, in fact. Now, I'm not going to complain too much about the lack of warmth, because I understand that in-depth research (looking at old photos, I imagine) has led historical climatologists to conclude that Spring—in the budding and flowering rather than the astronomical sense, of course—once started much later than it has tended to in recent decades. Plants that once bloomed in May, the suggestion is, now regularly emerge in March. Well, not this year! As a historian, then, I can only approve of this partial return to past form.

The only objection I have to the cold is that it makes us sick. I'm mostly better, but today it was Leah's turn to lie in bed and moan all day. Actually, she did much better than I did on my day of sickness: she made several work-related calls and even managed to get to school to give a presentation. In between, though, she relied on the care and assistance of her loving husband in every way. Turnabout is fair play!

So in other words, we have high hopes for April.

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