Part 1: Getting on the Boat

It was very crowded at the boat dock. When we went inside the cabin we went upstairs and parked our stuff.

The we noticed the door to outside and we went outside of the cabin to the front deck of the boat. Then we noticed that people were up above and Dada thought that maybe the back door had some secret steps going up.

When we were up at the top we were saying "Hi" to everybody we knew that was coming on the boat. When everybody got there we told them how to get up to the top deck so it was getting crowded!

We were looking at the pink sky and looking for planes. When a lot of people were up there the captain blew the horn really loudly and we all jumped!

After the horn we saw somebody doing his trick to get the boat untied. And then we were sailing!

Part 2: Boat Trip to Thompson Island

All of a sudden but very slowly we started to go. The boat was going backwards while turning.

It got dark and then a few minutes after some birds were in our way! They were sleeping there and when the boat got so close to them they flew away! Dada said, "watch out birdies!"

We could see two or three airplanes at a time because the landing place was close to Thompson Island. One big one was going across right where we were and it was far down enough that it made a big big noise!

Dada was the first one to see the people waving. Everyone who came out on the earlier boat was out on the dock and waving! Once the searchlight shined on them I saw the people waving.

When we were riding the driver got too close and by accident bumped the dock. Val screamed and we all got shaken.

Everybody started to go downstairs and got off the ship on Thompson Island.