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scheduling conflict

Hearing vague murmurings of Boston basketball drama, I broke my television fast to watch some portion of two or three of the playoff games against the Cavs and Pistons. They were slow, sure (not the basketball but the ads) but still exciting and well worth watching—even if I had to switch to the radio and the bed long before the end of each game. So I was all set to tune in to the finals, until I checked today and discovered the first game isn't until Thursday. Why?! We've known who's going to play since, what, Friday or Saturday. And even worse, all the games are scheduled to start at 9:00! Um, I hate to tell you, NBA and ABC execs, but that's my bedtime.

At least in this case one of the teams involved plays on the West Coast, so there's the excuse of not wanting to start games before the folks there get home from work and, I don't know, have their dinners or whatever. But still, can't we have a weekend matinée? As it is, I expect I won't manage to watch a single minute of play, because even if I do keep my eyes open long enough to catch the opening of the broadcast, I'm sure ABC won't let the games actually start until 20 past the hour at the earliest.

Oh well. At least Thursday's Sox game has been pushed up by an hour so as not to overlap with the basketball. Would that all baseball games started at 6:05!