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I love our van

One thing that made me a little nervous about our vacation was how we were going to get back. See, on the drive there it was only the boys and me; Leah had gone down earlier in a friend's car with the dogs and all the luggage she needed for a six-day trip where she also had to bring several computers and microphones. The boys and I packed light when it came to clothes and toiletries—that was easy—but we did bring a big bag of books and a big bag of games and snacks and a cooler... and all four bikes. So how were we to arrange everything for the return trip? I worried about it. In the end, though, it wasn't even that hard!

the van packed for the trip home, with bike wheels strapped to the right-hand wall

a thing of beauty

I did the packing while everybody else took one last trip to the beach. I knew the bikes were the main sticking point: two can go on the rack, but more than that is a little sketchy on the highway. But with the pedals and front wheel off Zion's strapped down beautifully on the roof, and with both wheels off Elijah's tucked very nicely agains the wall. I secured the wheels and everything else with tie-downs so nothing would fall on the dogs, and they had all kinds of space to lie down. Minivans are awesome.

It all went so well, I think we need to take another trip!

the van seen from the side with Zion's bike on the roof