2nd star on the right and straight on till blogging

First, let me congratulate Dan on the beautiful new blog, which like he said now has the added feature of COMMENTS COMMENTS, EVERYBODY POST COMMENTS!!! More importantly, Dan drew into our logo a cute little Rascally puppy, to complete the chubby pictoral representation of our family unit. (aside: how come i can't write the past tense of to draw without thinking of Nick Lachey's brother? Dancing with the stars, you've ruined me!)

I had the idea of starting out this entry by saying "Didn't i, Leah do such an awesome job of making this new blog?" And then Dan would be like, "Of course I did nothing, you're conceited." And i'd be like, "Conceited? Not me. It's just that i am what i am, and i'm me!" And then this whole scenario would be funny to me and the like three other people in the world who have watched on video Mary Martin's Peter Pan five billion times. Everybody else would be like, wah? That's why i put it in the "more text."

Yeah for first post on new site! I'd better see some comments, biotch!


Here sick sick sicky

Dan and i have been feeling yucky this week, as a throat tickle turned into a FULL BLOWN HEALTH CATASTROPHY. Last night i laid down exhausted at 11pm, but was unable to shut my eyes for more than two minutes without stuffy-nose wheezing convulsions coughing and gasping for air like events. Note to self: if there is no Niquil in the house and at 11pm you have the idea to run out to CVS, DO IT! It will be better than waiting until 4:45am when you haven't slept all night and you calculate that a dose of life-saving Niquil will make you miss your 12:00 appointment, because 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-ohcrap, i'm gonna be asleep FOREVER!

You may be interested to hear that there are interesting people shopping at the CVS at 5:00 in the morning. A bum tried to use the bathroom, and the shop girl chased him with a vacuum cleaner. Mod-run the-atre!!!

Thankfully, the Theraflu that i bought freed me from having to clean out my sinus cavity with a serated kitchen knife, which was going to be my next course of action. Thank God for yummy drugs that dry up mucus and taste like lemon sugar!