wedded bliss that i must miss

Danny is off to Ithaca to celebrate the wedding of Tom and Nelly. You go, you crazy kids!

I, unfortunately, i am staying home to take a test tomorrow. Because there's no danny in the house to take care of the puppy while i'm away multiple-choicing, i've brought Rascal to my dad's house for the weekend. I'm spending the night in my parent's guestroom in order to be close to Rascaly and also 30 minutes closer to Boston when it counts at 6am. Just to show what a Bad dog he is in front of the one person who is capable of actually judging me to death, Rascal has been super crazy all evening. My father's house was filled with smells and bones and food to steal from other doggies' dishes...

Blah blah blah, okay, i can't do it, i can't talk about anything mundane and funny any longer. If i don't do well on this test tomorrow, i fear i will plunge into a period of even more irritating sadness. Today i found a great great job that i'm perfect for, only to find it filled before i even applied. I really need to get a job soon. Right about now, with everyone else in the world celebrating, my parent's guest room looks just about like rock bottom.