Dan wants me to stop writing mean things and bad words on the blog, which cuts down my interesting share-able thoughts to just about nothing. So i'm going to take a bit of a hiatus from writing in the blog for the time being. I agree, it's wrong to say bad things about my customers, and about people in the gym and at starbucks, and it's also not good karma to call people a variety of names of which only some are appropriate for network television. It's just that, being so stressed out from the wedding coming up, and WAY too much work at work, and also not eating, i just can't motivate myself to spend time writing about nice things like the garden or the rain or the ambient temperature, as does my calmer better half. So for the sake sparing our delicate readership from implication in my sins, and for the general sake of my soul not going to HELL (one last bad word before i go!) i'm going to leave Dan in charge for a while, until i become a nicer and more internet-acceptable human being, which should be sometime after the wedding, or at least in the next five years or so.

As for the w8upD8s, y'all will have to satisfy yourselves by seeing me at the wedding, and hopefully whether i'm thin our disgustingly grotesque will be come as an exciting surprise! Three weeks to go!