Toe Update

After four hours of hard-core tetris playing on my sidekick, i finally got a doctor who told me that my toe was not broken, only infected, and here are some anti-biotics for you now get the hell out of my emergency room you not-broken-toe loser.

Yes, the doctor was quite brisk, and i only could have hoped that the four hours sitting in the ER could have been as brisk as her thirteen seconds with me. When i told this to DR. Becky, my pre-med friend and daughter of two doctors and some other doctor step parents so she know her stuff, Dr. B said, "They just gave you antibiotics? Just like that? Did they culture your toe?!"
"No, the doctor didn't even touch it."

I too had been surprised with the simplicity of not-broken equaling infected, especially since antibiotics have some irritating side-effects, not least of which is making me fertile. Also, i seem to be sick today, with flu-like symptoms, which seems impossible considering I'M ON ANTIBIOTICS but anything can happen i guess in a world where my infected toe doesn't even deserve a culture, while it does deserve a hundred dollars co-pay worth of x-rays.

Almost makes you wanna be a homeopathic hippy. I said ALMOST.

from my hospital website:

"The most common side effects with antibiotic drugs are diarrhoea, feeling sick and being sick."

What? Why am i taking a drug whose two common side effects are "feeling sick" and "being sick," as TWO SEPERATE THINGS??!!??

sigh. i feel like crap.

And so they told each other fabulous stories, tales of miraculous figments called sick days, when one could stay home when feeling ill and even sleep and get better sometimes...