Back to school for puppies

Tonight we're taking the puppy to obedience school. We took him to the same puppy kindergarten about three weeks ago, but we got kicked out, on account of it being a very prestigious school with a waiting list. Now we're finally taking him again, and he'd better be a good boy, as this might be his last chance for socialization before remedial kindergarten, and i've heard scary stories from wayward puppies about that place.

The poor puppy has been throwing up in the middle of the night the past three nights, which either means that he's sick or craves 2am attention. Because of the sickness, Rascal was super cuddly with me in bed, in that cute way in which he repeatedly thrusts his head into my nose, which was so endearing / pain enducing that i didn't get much sleep. Danny too was sleepy this morning. Plans for childbearing put off... indefinitely!