MBA Breakfast rearranges into More Freakin BS.

This morning before work i attended a welcome breakfast for my grad-school MBA program. The breakfast presentation was optional, unlike orientation and following that, school. Although irritatingly positioned between starting work and sleeping, this meeting snagged me for two reasons: one, to test out driving there one more time before it matters if i'm late, and two, to get an eye-full of my new classmates. On the earlier point, my reasoning proved retarded; if all my classes are in the evening, what is the point of me fighting rush-hour to visit the college at 8am. Neadless to say, i was late, and needed to leave early to make it to work on time. Don't any of you other losers need to go to jobs?? it's the week before Christmas!!!

On the latter point, i sure did get an eyefull of my new classmates, who while apparently fairing better than me in age and experience, could use a bit of a tutorial in how to match a suit jacket to a pant or turn on a hair dryer. My enrolled classmates are unilaterally older than me, most of them male, and most of the males (unconnectedly) are Indian. The ladies, though predominantly not Indian, looked like types who are trying to get a leg up after working 70 hours a week for the past HUNDRED years... I could make a mint introducing botox to this community alone. Only one other woman was blond and had cared to brush her hair in a fashion aiming for attractiveness, and it looked like she was already a studying student, so maybe she'd already learned a thing or two. The only other female there who didn't look like she needed the help of a certain LA doctor was sitting at my table, and she looked like she was absolutely infuriated with the presentation taking so long, when she could simultaniously be correcting the mistakes of careless underlings, trading commodities stocks, teaching her four adoptive asian children how to read, and skewering someone through the heart with her five-inch stiletto heal... Incidentally, this Amarosa was wearing earrings but no necklace; what the hell is wrong with the world?

Anyway, i got to work late, unenthusiastic that i will have to spend the next three and a half years of my life amidst cut-throat bitches and unintelligable accents. I mean, i quit yoga for a REASON. No offence or anything.