bonus knitting

One of the most lovely and surprising gifts I got this Christmas was a skein of yarn from a sheep farm in Ithaca, local to my brother-in-law Tom who picked it up there (along with some sheep's milk cheese which Dan enjoyed.) The yarn was big and bulky and a lovely deep blue color, the kind of thing I love to knit with but don't usually buy for myself because it's so expensive. So I decided to be luxurious this week and knit myself a new winter hat. I stole a cabled pattern idea from some nice photographer on Ravely and used my tried-and-true bulky hat pattern as a base shape. First I made this red and white version out of scrap yarn to make sure the pattern would work:

red hat tester

someone's christmas present for next year

Then I made the real one for myself in deliciously thick wool:

leah's new blue hat

merry christmas to me!

So that was my knitting fun for this week, before I seriously start in on the next round of birthdays and baby blankets. I have to keep reminding myself that knitting is a hobby, not my job. And, you know, my real job takes up a lot of my time. Being a housekeeper dash Laundromat. I mean mother. MOTHER.