RIP Cody

A moment of silence for Cody the Buffalo who died today, the only trained buffalo ever, found abandoned at birth in Cody Wyoming and adobted by Mike who bottle-fed him as a baby and trained him on Oreo cookies.
Morning Edition had this quote from Mike, the grieving owner.
"That Buffalo was the best thing to ever happen to me. He really was one of a kind. He changed my life."

I heard this story driving to work this morning, and Oh My God SOB!!!!!
I have not been so moved to tears by an animal story since hearing of the pet pot-bellied-pig who got rescued from New Orleans, and the owners thought he was being taken to be put to sleep because they couldn't take him to evacuate, but then the rescue workers told the owners they were going to keep the piggy safe and happy and well-fed until the owners could pick him up again, and they don't kill any animals, and the owners were so happy they were crying and hugging everyone...... Even now as i type this i tear up. They shouldn't allow those a-holes at NPR to put this shit on the radio!