well, there's some weather anyways

So so far, Southern California hasn't shown us a great deal in the way of weather. Sometimes the sun is shining, and sometimes... um... it's shining through some thin clouds. But last night and this morning we had a bit of a change: some wind. It was strong enough to wake us up last night, blowing boxes over and rattling things around on the roof, and it kind of looked like a hurricane out the window this morning. A hurricane with a sunny sky, that is. It's calmed down some now, though: we're back to normal.

So I said that I got my boxes yesterday, but I didn't provide the whole story. As it turns out, besides leaving two letters out of my last name the fine folks at the UPS store also neglected to put my appartment number on any of the packages. And of course my name wasn't on the buzzer, no one's is. So the poor delivery man would have given up, except that he didn't want to have to deal with my 150 pounds of boxes any more, so he made a little extra effort and walked around the place a couple times. Which I never would have known except I heard the dog barking downstairs, and since I was so desperate to get the stuff and had been waiting all day, I went to take a look; and there he was. So that was good.

Also: there was a pop-pop tournament this morning, and I hosted it. It went very well, except for the fact that I stunk the place up and finished next to last. But eight people played (and nine started) so it was one of the best-attended tournaments in a while. Also it only took an hour and a half, which must me some sort of a record; which was good, because the first and second place finishers had to leave right at that point. Hosting was fun, but all in all, I think I'd be glad to let someone else do it next time.

- Danny