Stress and mess

Today we spent busily getting ready for ASHLEE!!!!!, the ace personal trainer and my-ass-kicker who is moving in with us in less than a week. Her room is currently occupied by our cold-weather clothes, school books, x-mas ornaments, and various other junk. To sort out all the mess, we bought a second dresser from IKEA, and now not only does our bedroom look WAY matchy matchy with the MALM furniture, but my clothing storage has increased by over 50%. I spent the entire afternoon overhauling our habile organizational system. All exercize clothes are now together in one dresser, while casual clothes are folded in the second dresser and fancy things hung up in the closet. Yes envious Canadians, i have an ENTIRE dresser filled with Lululemon. Eat it up, yoga teachers! All together, it looks a bit like Santa Monica's backstock room. I am caught between feeling embarassed and proud.

Also next week i have a Statistics final, so i'm feeling a bit stressed at the moment. Tomorrow i'm taking Rascal to the vet for his tail-biting that's getting worse and worse. Have i created a neurotic dog? Is he mimicing my nail biting? Or more accurately, my tick is nail "clicking," which anyone who knows me will describe as infinitely annoying. I hope the vet will tell me that he's just snapping at an itch, and not seriously obsessive compulsive. Poor little thing can't even lie down without turning around three times. Shoot, maybe i'm seeing a pattern.