Bye Bye Jake!!! Or should i say..... Konichiwa?

My brother leaves tomorrow for a monistary in China, despite warnings of it potentially being "FAR AWAY" and "BOORING." He just wants to get away he says, which i can certainly understand, although i've never wanted to get so far away that i can't understand the alphabet.

I would be a bigger fan of traveling if it didn't cost so much money and involve so many situations in which i am liable to throw up. Oh wait, i'm sorry about that mistake; here go's again: "Up in which i am liable to throw." Even just going to California, i've had the priviledge of making use of the air sickness bag, and let me tell you, that's one bag well designed to hold barf. They had some real engineers working on that one. No spills there. Some MIT grad must be very proud.

We told Jake that he'd better bring back some Zen for us. I tend to like my Zen in the form of soba noodles, but Dan prefers Zen maki with salmon and cream cheese.