Dan and Leah looking over her cover letter

Leah: We're missing something. There's gotta be something else. Team player, we gotta get that in.
Dan: Team player?
Leah: Yeah, i'm a team player, write that.
Dan: What do you mean team player?
Leah: I'm a team player, i play for the team!
Dan: I have never seen you be a team player in all your life!
Leah: What are you talking about? Of course i'm a team player!
Dan: You hate the team! You're always saying: "Everyone who works here is so stupid. I would like my job so much better if i didn't have to work with people. I hate everyone at my school. Everyone is so stupid. It would be so much better if i were the only one in the class."
Leah: You're right! I'm not a team player! I hate the team!
Dan: It's true.
Leah: Really i'm more of a solo performer.
Dan: You can write, "Though not a team player, I will be happy to take control of your company and tell you exactly what you're doing wrong."
Leah: I'll keep it to "Passionate leadership."
Dan: Yeah, that bit is you.