The Mouse gets the Cheese

Since the mice didnt take the birdseed bait on saturday, I sweetened the deal last night with a big hunk of cheese in the middle of the havahart trap. This morning the cheese is gone, but that trap has yet to deploy. What are you like on a frickin time delay? Youre a mouse trap for God's sake... I assumed some design testing went into the process! I am left speachless. Actually, Im cashless, since this humane trap cost Judy 20 bucks and we have two more worth $16 a piece on the way. Perhaps the trap is humane because of its unique feature of NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

Things that were said about me yesterday...

"Looks like youre ballooning out nicely."
"You're ENORMOUS."

Im starting to think that normal people just arent used to seeing third trimester pregnant women. And thats because these women dont go out in public. And thats because the public is full of bitches.