Bethany house of prayer

On Good Friday we were invited to participate in a Stations of the Cross walkabout at the Bethany House of Prayer in Arlington. We'd never been before, but it turned out to be an awesome location — a little monastic retreat center in the middle of suburban Arlington Heights.

does it have a dinger?

The small campus tucked among normal suburban Arlington homes includes a modern living space for the Sisters of St. Anne-Bethany, a large stone-clad chapel that's used for programs and retreats for both church groups and interested individuals, and an intriguing statue garden. The garden was the site of our prayer walk on Friday.

ooh! rocks!

HighRock church provided the readings for each station and Dan and Ms. Katie (who is a member at HighRock and turned us onto this event) bravely engaged the children around the story and prayers.

Harvey wants to make sure PowPow gets the full effect of the holiness

In between the readings there was plenty of leeway for exploring the garden.

Zion makes a new friend

There was a stone amphitheater with some books laid out, an irresistible draw for my boys and the young Mr. Nathan.

multi-sensory faith experience, pshaw. We just want to read about it.

All in all I was amazed how many little corners of peace the sisters packed into under an acre of garden space. I hope friends invite us back here again!


Woolapalooza 2013

For the forth year in a row we went to Woolapalooza to see the Drumlin Farm sheep be sheered.

if Zion can't pet it then he doesn't care for it.

I do love a good festival, but navigating all those people and the attractions and the food lines, I got plum tuckered out. I look forward to the day we have our own sheep, then every day will be a festival! If by festival I mean exhausting non-stop work.


That's how I felt by the end of the afternoon. Still, it's good to get out on the farm; the more routine, the better.