Sunhat ready for the beach or playground!

I mentioned previously that I was sewing up another sun hat for Harvey. I actually finished this project several weeks ago, but in the busy insanity that is our home this month it took a long while to get ahold of any photographic evidence. Then this weekend we took an excursion to the playground, and Danny loaned his photographic expertise. So drumroll please... I give you blue nautical sunhat:

harvey plays on the playground with his new hat

momma's love keeps the sun out of my eyes

I made this one from the same pattern as the green hat, with the alterations of a shorter brim and added straps. I also added the braided detailing, which took me longer in net time than all the sewing. But hey, my mother was out on a date with Harvey and I was feeling creative.

I'm not completely happy with the way the sewn button came out. I may re-sew it someday, but for the moment all machine time is devoted to a certain upcoming birthday...

Harvey climbs on the playground

must... get.... to.... slide...

Look at that little guy go! Can you believe he's almost 1 already? You can see he's almost grown out of these pants I made him for Easter. Time to make some more pants!!!

on the swing

push me momma!

I may be a biased momma, but it's not hard to make Harvey look beautiful, is it?