let sleeping dogs do what?

We have started to let the puppy sleep in the bed with us. Two reasons for this: 1) he is getting too big for his crate, doesn't like to sleep in his big cage, and a new crate would cost like 50 bucks, and 2) cuddling with us in the bed is Rascal's most important job in this household.

Since he got used to used to us, little Rascal likes to close the day by falling asleep with us in the bed, all cute and cuddled up at the end of a hard day. What an indignation to wake him up and shove him into his small little box.

So for the past two nights we have let Rascal be our bedfellow. In the middle of the night the puppy climbed up onto my pillow and in my groggy state i couldn't figure out where to put my head back down and needed to wake up Dan. ("Dan, look where the puppy is.....what should i do?") Still, it's the sweetest thing in the world to be asleep and feel a hot little puppy head plop down on your neck. Dan's only complaint is that I took up half the bed, the puppy took up anouther quarter, which left Dan hovering at the farthest sliver of the mattress. Plus the puppy mostly cuddled me and kicked Dan in the face. that's okay; our future children will like dad better.


e-mails from my moms

Arriving in my inbox today from my two moms... who are very different from each other.

From Judy:
It was nice to talk to you last night. I will be praying for you today that
you will feel God's presence and approval...
Love, Judy

From Beth:
How is Rascal? Does he have lyme disease?