a momma moment

So we took a walk this morning, me dan harvey and rascal, with Dan carrying Harvey in the front pack. We were halfway down the street before I took a look at the two boys together, and when I did my heart skipped a beat.
"You're both wearing the hats I made you!"
"Yeah, so?" Dan replied. "It's cold out."
"Oh my boys! My boys are both wearing my hats! I think I'm going to cry..."
"What? What are you talking about?"
"To see you both wearing your knitted hats, and I made you those hats... I'm going to cry.."
"You're CRAZY!"

So maybe I am crazy, but I knitted those hats for my two favorite people in the world, and then they ACTUALLY WORE THEM to keep their heads warm. That people is a momma moment.