It's Saturday and i'm at work, lazy bums.

David's birthday party last night was a big success -- everyone sang out to their little heart's content, and i blasted out some high Gs, though no As i'm afraid, even though some of them did make themselves apparent in the score but unfortunately not in my throat. Dan and i cleaned up on our duet of "If i loved you" from Carosel, but in the end the crowd wasn't that hard to please. The downside of my job in the wonderful retail business is that while everyone else can drink themselves silly late into the night on Friday, i have to be mindful of my just-anouther-week-night bed-time. Especially since i now have a husband to support in the luxury to which he is accustomed.

Speaking of marrying, i showed everyone at the party my little pink album of wedding pictures and they all said, "Awww, look how thin you lookED." If i hear one more person say how pretty i "WAS" three weeks ago, i am going to hit them over the head with my disgustingly massive ogre belly. That'll teach 'em.