We have secretly replaced her tea with the tea she actually purchased

Did you know that you can take out most of the caffeine in a cup of tea by pouring hot water over the teabag, waiting 20 seconds, and then pouring that water out? It turns out that caffeine is very water soluble, so a tea bag after one steeping is essentially decaffeinated, says my brother.

This information came in very handy this morning when I found that the green tea I've been drinking for the past month is not ACTUALLY decaffeinated, since I, uh, accidentally bought the wrong box of tea at wholefoods. After a month of reaming out other people YOU WILL NOT TRY TO FORCE CAFFEINE INTO THIS BODY it turns out my own lack of attention has been padding my system with the equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee a day. Good job Leah. Well, October is a new month!