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Back to School!

We've been lax writing in the blog due to lots of work on Leah's part, and back to school on Dan's part. For all those who read form afar, here's the gross (overall, not yucky) update:

Dan got a job as an aide in a Lexington first-grade classroom. He's working with four children on the autism spectrum. He started on Tuesday, and so far so good!

Leah is plugging away at her job. I have also been plugging away at my new Janome sewing machine. When it gets easier to post images to this blog, I'll show you some of my newbie creations.

We celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary next week. This is the "cloth" anniversary, we say, so I have a distinct hand-made advantage. Dan said, "When is the html anniversary?"

Rascal continues to be (mostly) a good dog.

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