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it's in his jeans

This week I made Harvey some jeans.

close-up of Harvey's new home-made jeans

ready to rumble

I upcycled an old pair of Dan's jeans which had become too patched to be worn in polite company. I was going to make a simple pair of linen pants using this tutorial, but it turns out that I hate learning basic skills. If it can be done in linen, it can be done in jean, dammit! So after a lot of fudging and improvising an addition of knit fabric for the waist-band, I ended up making a cute pair of jeans for Harvey with plenty of room to grow (both vertically and horizontally).

Harvey's bum in his new jeans

shake what yo mamma gave you

The patches and slight bell-bottom and general cobbled-together nature of the pants make Harvey look like a real hippy. Much to the pride of his parents. The look is perfect for sitting outside on a gardening afternoon.

harvey in home-made pants in the garden

off the grid and out of the shitstem

I just need to make him a straw hat and he'll be all ready for spring!


A straw hat would be awesome!! I would totally want one too. I'm already jealous of the jeans.

Also, you'll note that in the last picture he's already living off the land: i.e., eating grass.

Yum, grass :) Very nice Leah!

Next project?

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