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I'm not a champion sewer by any means. I mend. I dash off a stuffed lamb now and again. But I'm trying to move in a more competent direction. I'm making an effort. And this season, I've vowed to make a more concerted effort, especially in the face of the high cost of crappy boys clothing. So on Friday of last week I took scissors to another one of Dan's hand-me-downs and made Harvey a T-shirt.

Harvey modeling his new shirt at the pond

elegant and stylish

The first job I had out of college was at a store called Lululemon. At the time, Dan wore this Lululemon T-shirt so much the letters faded down in the middle. After a while it ended up in the pile of shirts that are no longer in rotation but were once so loved that they can't be thrown away. Now Harvey is proudly carrying the torch of Lululemon. or Ululemo in his case. His chest isn't that big.

I used this tutorial to make the shirt, and I can't wait to make another, and another, and ANOTHER! The stack of useless but beloved T-shirts is big, after all. By the time I've gone through it, maybe I'll really know how to sew.


1) I totally ADORE Lululemon... I just wish I could afford more of it.

2) Awesome job on the t-shirt - if I didn't read your post I would have thought Ululemo was making baby clothing!

3) I commend your craftiness! And I'm a little jealous. Do you have a sewing machine?

I have an entry-level janome machine. The brand belies the fact that I'm "semi" serious about the hobby. I bought the thing two years ago for about $400 when my eighty dollar Singer crapped out on me. It's birthed a couple small quilts and stuffed animals, but making the move to clothing is always daunting. Still, I would NOT recommend trying this type of project by hand. That would surely turn a three-hour t-shirt into an eight-hour-t-shirt. Might as well knit it at that rate!

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