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The Easter Bunny Cometh

Don't tell Harvey, but there's a new friend waiting for him in his Easter basket.

an Easter rabbit made from an old quilt

sniff sniff

This bunny sprang to life from this pattern and the remains of an old quilted pillow-case that didn't survive as long as the bed quilt. This means that the bunny already has a weathered look despite never having been weathered by play. It also means that the toy will get completely lost from view anytime we put it down on top of the bed. Oh well. We'll find it when we sit down.

There was just enough fabric left over to make a second little friend for Harvey. That guy is still on the sewing machine as of now. If he gets done in time for the basket tomorrow then he'll get his little stuffed butt blogged on Easter. Otherwise, have a very happy holiday all of you, whether you call it Easter, Resurrection Sunday, or just plain "the weekend."

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