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Bunny #2

Not completely satisfied by the first bunny I crafted last week, I went on a mission to sew another bunny. A bigger, more opposable, infinitely more difficult bunny. He made his way into the Easter basket this morning.

Two stuffed bunnies and no chocolate. That's what you get at nine months, and you're going to LIKE IT!

the second Easter bunny, standing

baby bunny baroo

The pattern comes from some ridiculous book that Cara gave me from a yard sale. It's actually the pattern for a bear, but I added floppy ears and made it into a bunny. The book is a million and one christmas crafts all thrown together - knitting, crocheting, sewing, and paper-craft. Because there's so much crap in the book, the directions for each project are painfully brief. Cut out these pattern pieces... Fuggin.... sew em together. It harks back to a simpler time when the Joy of Cooking still included instructions for skinning a squirrel. And mothers knew how to sew absolutely everything, but they still needed help coming up with ideas that are unbelievably tacky.

The big bunny features arms and legs that rotate, thanks to a swivel system made of eyelets and buttons. I know they sell real swivel systems for stuffed animals, but the wall at Joanne's was completely overwhelming so I just went with the eyelets. Hey, the arms turn. What else do you want from me?

I was unhappy with the naked bunny - he looked too much like a bear in my estimation - so I gave him a cut-off shirt and a diaper. When I pulled the pom-pom tail out of a hole in the diaper it gave me a big chuckle.

the second Easter bunny, sitting down

cotton tail - literally

For now I'm done with bunnies. Anyway, all we need is two, and they're supposed to do the rest. Right?

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