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A Week of Independence Crafting

In honor of independence day, I'm going to celebrate our household independence from the corporate machine by blogging a full week of sewing projects. Or I'll try at least. I've got the craft projects to talk about, but finding time for the photography and explanation can always be a bit tricky. It'll depend somewhat on the corporate machine that employs me, and how busy they are this week.

yellow baby dress, front view

sunny for a summer baby

For starters, I wanted to share the dress I made for our soon expected baby niece. The pattern is the itty bitty baby dress by Rae. It's free on the internet if you want to duplicate the work. I made some alterations by making both the bodice and skirt fully lined, with the lining color extending to the front of the dress on the bottom. (This saved me needing to run to the store for piping. Or from making piping. Both things I didn't feel like doing a day before the baby shower.) I also added a belt with a bow in the back. That piece needed to be hand-sewn on the bottom, but I made up for the extra work there by leveraging some hot serger action to finish all the inside seams without pressing.

the bow in back

it ties in back

As fun and pretty as this was to make, it does not make me long for a little girl one way or the other. On one hand girls clothes are much cuter and come in much fancier colors, on the other hand pleating and ruffling are a big pain in the butt. I say it's a toss up.

You may notice that the orange fabric here is the same that I used to make Harvey's Easter pants. There's still some left over, so I'm looking for a good pattern for a little boy's button-down-shirt. Not for this week, though. I do still have a full-time job, after all.

Anyway, we eagerly await your arrival little Awangi [insert something else African sounding] Grace Archibald. Happy independence from Carters day!


LOVE it!

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