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stow aways

Yesterday the boys and I visited the lovely Lauren at her new home in Stow. It's just beautiful out there! A few minutes drive west and it's like you're in New Hampshire or the Cape or some combination thereof.

We took a short walk around a flood plane. Who's that we see in the distance?

horsey in the distance

who's over there?

A group of horses and hounds coming in from a faux fox hunt.

horse and hounds

hey, where's the fox?

The cowboy we talked to made sure to point out that the riders were wearing their "casual" riding attire.

riders in attire

sittin pretty

Now WE were actually wearing casual attire.

harvey by water

can we put our feet in the water? can we put or feet in the water? mama can we put our feet in the water?!?

Harvey got his way convincing us that it was time to put feet in the water. Even mama and Zion got in on it, even though it was pretty cold.

zion dipping feet in the water

this doesn't feel like a bath...

While we had Lauren engaged as photographer I tried to convince Harvey to take a family photo. He could not be enticed.

mama and boys

yeah, that's pretty much what we look like.

All in all a very pleasant outing. The boys didn't fuss until it was time to go, and even then they fell asleep in the car pretty quickly. Then on the quiet drive home I found myself wishing Stow was a little FARTHER away...

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