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We had some business in Rehoboth last week, which is about an hour south of us and closer to the coast. While Dan took a meeting the boys and I hung out on the playground of the local elementary school. The playground equipment was a bit advanced for toddlers, but luckily there was an outdoor classroom made up of six large flat stones. Who knew children could be so enthralled with knee-height rocks.

Harvey was "hunting trains" for some reason.

When Dan came back to meet us we went on to the real exciting part of the outing: THE OCEAN!!!

the waves! the waves!

Harvey was so into the ocean he was practically bursting with delight. It was like swimming with a teenage girl at a Justin Beeber concert.

happy salty boy

Zion wasn't so sure of the ocean at first. He liked being held tightly out of the water, and he liked playing in the sand sort of, but he didn't get photographed because mostly I was holding him or trying to make him happy. But Harvey's delight made the overall outing a success And everyone was happy with seaside hot dogs and french fries.

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