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summer vacation?

On this rainy first day of summer vacation Dan managed to pick eight quarts of strawberries while I did some knitting, finished reading the book of Ezekiel and sewed a vinyl bib for Harvey. In the evening we folded 25 diapers, made and ate a big chicken dinner, and now we're just getting set to mix up a big batch of jam. Plus I got in a long run! (okay, so long these days is only 4 miles, but I'm starting from a big fat hiatus.) Summer vacation is rather exhausting! But fun. very very fun.


You are getting a lot done with a new baby around. Knitting, reading, sewing, running? Did you hire a nanny?

no, the trick is to keep your kids sick. They both slept for 3 hours during the day! On the other hand, cleaning up vomit does eat into your free time...

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