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Waldorf dolls

This is what I've been doing to distract myself lately. Making Waldorf dolls. And why not? Big projects like Halloween costumes make a big mess all over the floor of the office, whereas dolls are neat and cute and come together in under four hours. It's just the thing to do when I want to act productive but I can't bring myself to clean anymore.

a doll with brown hair and a yellow dress, with her purple pillow

farm girl (and pillow)

This one went to a 2-year old on her birthday, and Harvey sewed the purple pillow himself (I'm so proud of him.)

Here's a close-up of the hair, which comes from my basket of yarn scraps.

a close-up of the doll's yarn hair


Then I tried making a boy with mixed success. If you know a boy who wants a Waldorf-style forest sprite then this one is up for grabs.

a green-haired and -clothed doll

in his natural environment

But my favorite turned out to be this ice princess. I'm partial to the blue in her hair, but maybe that's just because I'm getting old.

a doll with a white dress and pale hair photographed on the lawn

she's bringing the winter

Of course, Zion noticed the blue too and immediately claimed this doll for his own ("Boo my favorite color!) Harvey will not be satisfied until he has his own RED haired Waldorf doll now. It's upstairs now ready for stuffing. Good thing my part of the Halloween costumes is done!


You're amazing! :-)

Hi Leah, you are so talented!! Vivian loves her doll! She loves to dress her and undress her, and put her down for a nap. She has joined the ranks of her two favorites (kitty and monkey) who take turns coming with her places and is always the first guest at her daily tea parties. Thank you!

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