about the squibix family

The squibix family is made up of Dan, Leah, Harvey, Zion, Elijah, and Rascal Archibald. We are radical hippy christians homesteading in the suburbs. We blog about topics that are important to us such as faith, crafting, farming, homebirth, and parenting. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

The squibix blog has been around since January of 2004. Back then Dan blogged his move to California to be with Leah, and appropriately titled the blog squibix goes west. Since that time Dan and Leah have moved back east, gotten married, adopted the cutest mutt in the United States, and sired three little boys: Harvey, Zion, and Elijah. You can get a sense of every post we've ever written by taking a look at this page.

For the purposes of blogging, the squibix family is well over-educated. Dan holds a BA from Cornell and a Masters of Education from UMass Lowell. Leah has a BA from Mount Holyoke and a MBA from Babson. Not that we use any of these degrees, being as we are vastly underemployed. Rascal has graduated from both levels 1 AND 2 of obedience school, but he doesn't show it neither. Harvey used to hold several local records for the number of cloth diapers soiled in a morning, but then Zion beat them.

All queries blog related can be addressed to Dan who does all the graphic design for squibix.net as well as the back-end programming. If you're interested in renting out his design skills for your own projects, you can contact him at dan at this domain.

You may be wondering what squibix means, if it's not in fact our last name. Well, KEEP wondering! If you read our blog long enough, maybe we'll tell you. Feel free to subscribe to our blog to make it easier on yourself.

Thanks for visiting!

-the squibix family