unemployment update

After a trip to the pond that included pic nic lunch, Dan took H-ster out in the bike to the farmers market while I showered and did some sewing. I managed to knock out a toddler t-shirt and do some light clean-up, and now I'm headed out to the hammock to read a book. When the boys get back we'll all walk the dog together. Life sure is easy when you're going about it with two unemployed parents.

Of course the days will get a bit more stacked once Dan goes back to work at the end of the month. But for know I'm enjoying a bit of rest... trying to calm down and re-learn how to be human and stop grinding my teeth. Oh my poor jaw. It smarts when I chew.

Friday my lay-off was finalized. That evening I also got an email from the start-up I'd been interviewing with for the past month. They're passing on me and going in a different direction, like, more towards hiring a different person. Which is okay, given the thin safety net provided by our commonwealth. I spent an hour on hold Monday waiting to open an unemployment claim. With the questions and the follow-up pin set up it was a two-hour process in all. I hope everything works out all right - the agent I spoke with had a very thick indian accent which made her kind of difficult to understand. I would spell something, my home address for example, and she would say "E as in EBOAH? A as in ANUTH?" And I would be like, "Um, yeah, okay" because I had already asked her to repeat half the questions and her tone was tightening to the point where I was sure she was flagging my application for fraud.

So I wonder. If they've outsourced the department of unemployment assistance call center to India, how come I had to hold on the phone for 57 minutes? Oh they haven't outsourced it? They just don't discriminate on the basis of ability to speak recognizable english? Well, that's good I guess.

Harvey is coping with me being home during the day by not wanting to let me out of his sight. Did momma go in the bathroom? MwwaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!! We have a new project this week - weaning him off of night-time feedings. I was hesitant to take this on while I was working, but now that there's no fear of not enough contact with my child it must be done. I said I would nurse him until one of us was tired of it, and all of a sudden I'm tired. Harvey's a big boy now. He doesn't need to be gnawing on a momma at 1 in the morning.

And that's all the update I can crank out before I collapse into a hammock. Jealous much?