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visiting the nerds in the burbs

Oona and Janet stopped by yesterday, on their whirlwind trip of the east coast that they are documenting here. Like I told Rascal, "Oona and Janet are some ladies that your mommy knew in college before you were born." And if we lived in a cartoon strip, Rascal would have rolled his eyes and thought-bubbled, "Like when, mom, the STONE AGE???!!!"

For several days Dan and I wondered how we would show up my peers in hospitality. Well, mostly I wondered aloud and Dan pretended like his wife wasn't turning into an insane person. How on earth, I moaned, could we compete with other friends who live in the city and take them out to chic martini bars and tapings of the Daily Show??? How can I show then that my life is infused with interest and excitement? And Dan was like, we'll make pancakes and hang out; they're not the pope.

Anyway, we ended up having a marvelous time, mostly because Dan hosted everything, making delicious brunch and dinner, and leading a historical tour of our environs, and generally being the brilliant and charming prince I know him to be. I don't know why I got so freaked out that they wouldn't have a good time. Sometimes I worry that the peers I grew up with are so different from me, so cosmopolitan, so career minded, so unconcerned with things like church and quilting and parenting.

However, were I to list my post-college accomplishments in preparation for a five-year newsletter, my new job and MBA would not be high on my list. Instead, I would pride myself as follows:
1) I married a good cook who is incredibly sexy and does funny stuff like hangs the thermometer and then carries the hammer around the house saying, "this looks like a nail... this looks like a nail..."
2) I am mommy to the cutest puppy in the entire universe.
3) I can run a marathon, so suck on that bitches.

All these things make me feel less bad about turning out less cool.

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