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Leah's birthday wish list. Because you're dying to know.

Those of you who know me personally know that I HATE my birthday. I don't like it, I don't feel comfortable celebrating it, I generally prefer that everyone ignore my birthday on the day it occurs, just like they ignore it all the other 364 days of the year, or 365 on leap year.

My mother suggests this is because I'm upset that "the world does not revolve around me anymore." Wow, that totally makes sense. I don't like celebrating my birthday because I'm upset that I don't get enough attention. Thank you for such logical psychoanalysis!

Anyway, some folks refuse to ignore the occasion, and have demanded I create a wish list for my birthday. So here it is after the jump. Take a look and marvel / balk at the specificity. That's what you get.

Wish list:

A special foot for my sewing machine that will let me do embroidery in any direction. The internet cays it's called a "free hand foot" or a "stifling foot," but i only managed to find this one and i'm not 100% sure that it goes with my machine, which is a Kenmore 385.15616500. Someone really interested in doing me a big birthday favor would find out what foot my machine needs for free hand embroidery!

The other machine embroidery things i am trying to get my hands on are desolvable stabilizer, and some machine embroidery thread in the blue or green family.

Also i am in the market for a sleeve board, like this one from Target, but really there's no quality distinctions among sleeve boards, as long as you can stick a sleeve through it.

The other crafting things i'm looking for are some "fat quarters" for quilting in blues and yellows.

I also need to purchase the following, for those who want to give me a "money towards" gift:
a desk
a desk chair
a new iron that will not break under heavy use
software for my new computer

Happy shopping!

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