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Leah's Christmas List

So, I'm a bit reluctant about stating my Christmas wishes this season for several reasons. First of all, we really cant fit a single nother thing in our house, and we will soon be forced to wedge a lot of baby crap up in here, so I cant really deal with thinking of anything that might take up space. Second, I usually ask for fun stuff for Christmas, like clothes and bath soaps and liquor... but now i cant drink, I cant take a bath over 100 degrees, and even looking at pictures of maternity clothes on the internet makes me want to start sobbing over the disgusting state of my midsection. So, it is with great emotional discomfort that I have cobbled together this list of holiday desires. That's how much i love you, early internet shoppers.

After driving around Billerica for two hours yesterday trying to find an office building, and returning home sobbing because I thought I would never escape from Billerica and never see my family ever again, I have a new major wish for Christmas: A GPS SYSTEM.

Maternity work-out gear.
This is the stuff I really need, and I can't find it anywhere but on the internet. I'm not too picky on the style; I just need new running pants and cycling shorts that will actually fit over my belly without a tight elastic. Everything is in size M.

Maternity running short

Maternity spinning short

Maternity work out tank

Pregnancy Pillow.
They say something like this will help me sleep more comfortably. I am sceptical that it'll stay in the bed all night, but I'm willing to try anything short of ACTUAL DRUGS to get a good night sleep (oh how I miss my theraflu night-time). That one is a U-shaped pillows, which looked like the best shape to me, but what do I know.

Other crap that I need:
Other maternity tops, like sweaters and long-sleeve t-shirts
Dress socks (especially white, brown and tan)
A gift certificate to sephora so I can buy new mascara
Zig Zag Scissors
a good desk lamp

And, err, money? That's always good.

Merry Christmas!

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