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A Quick Note to God

Dear Jesus,

We're coming up on Palm Sunday this weekend, and then it'll be holy week and time to remember the specifics of your death and resurrection. I have to admit that I haven't been very enthusiastic about it this year. It's usually fun waiting out Lent for Easter, but this year we're doing this longer waiting out thing, this 10-month wait-out thing, and it's making April 12th feel a little anti-climactic compared with June 7th.

I'm worried that I won't be able to sit through all the services next week, that the pain in my back and legs will get worse (if that's even possible!), that I'll be annoyed with the particulars of the services and sermons, and that Dan will fume all weekend from having to stand and play music all day Sunday. Also, I have nothing exciting to wear. Blue or gray mumu? God, you went through a lot of stuff in your life, but never pregnancy. That was your mom's thing, yes, but we don't know anything about her ordeal except the beginning and the end. That's not very helpful. It's easy to say that you're the handmaiden of the Lord when you haven't had a single day of nausea yet.

Anyway God, this is all to say that I'm sorry if I'm a bit too wrapped up in this other thing to properly celebrate Good Friday and Easter this year. Please keep checking in on us this year, not only next weekend. We have this little one on the way in June, and I hope you'll stop by for that occasion. I'm pretty stoked that because of your sacrifice this little boy or girl will come into the world blameless despite the sins that we all know he or she will come to commit. That's a hope I can get behind! So thanks from Lily or Harvey, and thanks from me and Dan. And from Rascal, who may not enjoy your love in the same way, but sure does enjoy the Easter ham!


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