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time's up!

Today is my due date, which means that I've been technically pregnant for 10 months, or rather 9.5 months since the thought of a baby was just a sexy twinkle in my eye. If you ask me, either way you measure it I've been pregnant for long enough. Three weeks ago the prevailing wisdom of the midwives was that I wouldn't go past my due date. But that was three weeks ago when I still believed anyone held any wisdom about when this thing was coming out. Turns out no one has any clue what causes labor and when. However, they're all pretty sure that the most depressing day of a pregnancy is the day AFTER your due date when you're still sitting around not being able to climb the stairs.

Tonight we went out for sushi: me, dan, and the champion good sport Oona who has already been here for a week and a half on baby watch. Upon entering the restaurant, the hostess asked us "how many?" and then she took a harsh look in my direction and proclaimed "You no fit in booth."

Here are some other inappropriate things to say to a perfect stranger:
"How are you feeling?"
"When is the baby due?"
"Where are you delivering?" (I really don't get this one... is this like on the red carpet when the reporters as the stars "Who are you wearing?" Are they routing for their preferred brand of hospital? Or are they just gearing up to make a rude follow-up comment about home birth?)

This baby better come soon, because I'm not planning to leave my house very much for the next week.

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