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Sunshine for my sunshines

Today, life is awesome. The sun finally came out, the weather is warm with a cool breeze, and I am lying in the hammock with the baby sleeping in a basket next to me. It's been a hectic first week, but every day we feel more confident about life in a 4-person family. Having a little baby is every bit as wonderful and as terrible as everyone claims; euphoric with cuteness, but insanity inducing with sleep deprivation. Last night HD cried and fussed for hours, and I (having slept maybe 4 hours in the previous two days) was all in tears from not being able to comfort him. Dan stepped in, a knight in shining awakeness, and offered to take the baby downstairs so I could get some sleep. "Nooooo" I wailed, "I can't sleep if he's somewhere crying."

Dan looked me in the eye very sternly and said, "Be rational. This is how you raise a baby. One parent stays up while the other one sleeps."

Even my hormone-powered emotions couldn't argue with the fact that his plan sounded rational and involved the promise of sleep. I fell sound asleep about 30 seconds after they left the room, and slept soundly for the first time in a week.

In the morning, I awoke dumbfounded with gratitude for my husband. "Thank you so much" I said, "My brain was about to ooze out my ears."

"Yeah," he said, "I could tell that."

Even though I knew we were a good team before, having a baby is training me and Dan into elite-fighting-unit-level of teamwork. His caring for me and the baby over the past week, especially given my extended bed rest, approaches husband-of-the-century levels. I couldn't dream of a better man with whom to share this crazy roller-coaster of parenthood.


Aw, thanks!

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